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Product/Service >>> Germinated Palm Seeds ,Germinated Ornamental seeds

Germinated Palm Seeds ,Germinated Ornamental seeds

Nenga pumila var. pumila (Sprouts )

Code: 000111
Price 380.00 THB (Ref. 14.07 USD)
A medium clustering palm at arround 2M. tall , greenish trunk covered with brown indument , always found arrong the stream or swampy area.The fruits size of this varity are quite bigger than varity pa
Acoelorraphe wrightii (Sprouts)

Code: 000124
Price 120.00 THB (Ref. 4.44 USD)
Everglades Palm
Areca Sp.  4 ( 1 Sprouts seed )

Code: 000246
Price 240.00 THB (Ref. 8.89 USD)
Un-known Arecaproduce attractive beautiful large end pair leaves at 30-40 Cm. wide
Phoenix roebelenii

Code: 000227
Price 90.00 THB (Ref. 3.33 USD)
Single trunk up to 3 M. tall ,
Pinanga fruticans ( Single )

Code: 000071
Price 420.00 THB (Ref. 15.56 USD)
The smallestsize of Pinanga among all Pinangamottled leaves , it has largest pinnate withan attractive redish trunk with cleared grayish ring .It has a single slender trunk with attrac
Dypsis decaryi ( Sprouts Seeds )

Code: 000281
Price 210.00 THB (Ref. 7.78 USD)
Medium size palm.
Calamus concinus

Code: 000285
Price 360.00 THB (Ref. 13.33 USD)
A small size palm at 5 M. tall , clustered , stand up straight with no tendency to climb. This palm fully contain compounds Causiaroside , which are as good as compounds Etoposide for Cancer cure.
Calamus castaneus

Code: 000079
Price 180.00 THB (Ref. 6.67 USD)
Bushy Clustering rattan at 6 M. tall with no tendency to climb. It love moist and sheddy spot , it could be use for animals fencing.
Pinanga malaiana ( Cluster form )

Code: 000092
Price 616.00 THB (Ref. 22.81 USD)
This Pinanga are from Mid West Peninsula , it has a greenish trunk , slightly yellowish petiole , light pinkish inflorescence with attractice redish fruits.There are single form and cluster form.
Areca recurvata ( Single form ) ( Sprouts )

Code: 000123
Price 420.00 THB (Ref. 15.56 USD)
Solitary form of Areca at 2 M. high , Brownish trunk , redish errect inflorescence at 15 Cm. long with dense yellowish fruits.
Areca Sp.2

Code: 000098
Price 360.00 THB (Ref. 13.33 USD)
A single greenish trunk up to 6M. tall , ringed , prop roots at base to 20 Cm.high , light greenish and swollen crownshaft at 60 Cm. long , very short petiole , pinnae 17 on each side of rachis , pinn
Pinanga bowiana (Yellowish inflorescence)

Code: 000294
Price 280.00 THB (Ref. 10.37 USD)
Still could not identify that whether is it Pinanga bowiana or not.Most of this Palm character are same as Pinanga bowiana , except the inflorecence are yellowish and the fruits shape are roun
Calamus longisetus  ( 10 Sprouts )

Code: 000240
Price 252.00 THB (Ref. 9.33 USD)
One of the most fiercely armed Thai rattans, Calamus longisetus can be distinguished by its massive size , dense , distinctive spines ; and large leaves with irregularly arranged pinnae.
Myrialepis paradoxa ( Sprouts )

Code: 000103
Price 450.00 THB (Ref. 16.67 USD)
This high -climbing , vine-like ,rattan palm to 50M. long , sheaths tubular with reddish brown indument. it bear fruit at the top part and then die.
Attalea cohune ( 1 sprouts seed )

Code: 000245
Price 90.00 THB (Ref. 3.33 USD)
This large palm are from South America , the seeds are very difficult to germinate , it take up to 2-3 years to start sprouting.
Pinanga disticha

Code: 000269
Price 588.00 THB (Ref. 21.78 USD)
A small beautiful Palm at 1 M. tall , with mottled leaves ( as same as P. fruticans and P. badia ) among 3 mottled leaves it has the smallest pinnae . It's from rain forest mountain with simple
Calamus palutris ( 1 Sprouts seed )

Code: 000297
Price 0.00 THB (Ref. 1.00 USD)
The ripe whitish fruit are small and are edible, the test are slightly sour and sweet.
Licuala spinosa (30 Sprouts seeds)

Code: 000012
Price 124.00 THB (Ref. 10.00 USD)
Daemonorops geniculata ( 1 sprouts )

Code: 000258
Price 224.00 THB (Ref. 2.00 USD)
Medium quality of Rattan.
Dypsis lutescens  ( 30 Sprouts seeds)

Code: 000295
Price 0.00 THB (Ref. 10.00 USD)
Golden cane Palm
Pinanga adangensis ( 1 Sprouts seed )

Code: 000070
Price 280.00 THB (Ref. 2.00 USD)
One of the colourfull Palm from rain forest Mid West of Peninsula .
Livistona maria ( 10 Sprouts seeds )

Code: 000243
Price 224.00 THB (Ref. 8.30 USD)
A tall Livistona from Australia with redish leaves while it still young.
Calamus javensis

Code: 000304
Price 0.00 THB (Ref. 6.00 USD)
Smallest Rattan but the best for handicraft.
Daemonorops malanochaetus ( 1 sprouts seed)

Code: 000298
Price 0.00 THB (Ref. 2.00 USD)
Areca latiloba ( 1 Sprouts seed)

Code: 000101
Price 392.00 THB (Ref. 14.52 USD)
Trachycarpus oreophilus

Code: 000257
Price 1,120.00 THB (Ref. 41.48 USD)
This is the most cool tolerant palm of Thailand , It from lim stone cliff Northern part of Thailand.
Korthalsia ferox ( 1 Sprouts seeds )

Code: 000293
Price 840.00 THB (Ref. 3.00 USD)
High climbing rattan , cluster , stem arround 5-6 cm. diam. andcould reach 100 m. long.The stem branching below the inflorescence and continuing to grow longer. Leaves are attracvtive
Veitichia merrilli

Code: 000310
Price 324.00 THB (Ref. 12.00 USD)
Bismarckia mayotte ( 1 sprouts seeds )

Code: 000254
Price 67.50 THB (Ref. 2.50 USD)
Large single palm with greenish leaves.
Phoenix paludosa ( 1seeding )

Code: 000090
Price 54.00 THB (Ref. 3.00 USD)
A medium size of Palm with a long blackish spin on the petiole and sheath , but when the plant get taller the old sheath will drop out and will show a slender trunk . This Palm species will found alon

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