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We provide good fresh seeds , you help growing more plants and enlarge green area ....................

Help our world from Earthquake , Tsunami  ,  Volcano Explosion

and Stop Global Warming..................Thank for your help...........

For more information please visit,

Johannesteijimannia macnifica Tree ,  2 M. tall ,  contain in 18 Inc.pot
Price 16,000.00 THB (Ref. 592.59 USD)
This is actual photo of selling plant.
Johannesteijsmania altifrons Tree ,  2 M. tall ,  contain in 15 Inc. pot.
Price 2,500.00 THB (Ref. 92.59 USD)
This is actual photo of selling plant.


  Seeds & Plants

  Welcome to Website : . We establish since 2008 in Thailand.. We provide new fresh seeds of Palm , Cycas Pandanus and Ornamental seeds all year round from Thailand forest, we do harvest new fresh seeds directly from it habitat, so this could guarantee that you will received new fresh seeds , no hybrid species and correly Sciencetific name.

  In the month of September , 2017 we received new Palm fresh seeds such as Plectocomiopsis geminiflora . Cycas seeds such as Cycas chamaoensis and Cycas siamensis (Dwarf). 

  Growing beautiful plants from it seeds , will help you safe a lot of money in your pocket. The seeds are much cheaper than buying a big one. Anothing you could see it development and will be proud of it,

  The seeds quotation have included the Shipment cost already , so there is no other expense will be charged to your account. For this case we would like you to ordered at minimum of USD 20.- Thank for your kindly understanding.

  In case the germinated seeds do not arrive you in good condition , we will ship you the ordered seeds without any expense charged to you.

  Plant will be ship by Thai Post Office , which you have to pick up yourself at your post office location.

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